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All healthcare facilities operate under strict health and safety regulations. There are minimum standards for quality of care, staff to patient ratios that must be met, and the presence of qualified professionals to supervise nurses. The current nursing shortage is making that more and more difficult for long-term facilities. The demand for services is immense, while professionals are in short supply.


Facilities are spending significant amounts of money on overtime, are struggling to ensure administrators and directors of nursing are hired, and experiencing high turnover rates because staff is getting burned out at an alarming rate. Every effort is being made to remain in compliance and not run short-staffed too often due to the stiff consequences of non-compliance.

In the event of an inspection, scheduled or not, a high rate of complaints from family members, or a report of compromised care by a staff person or patients, the facility faces a multitude of penalties. One may be bad publicity, which can turn onto a disaster.


Fines are high for non-compliance. A decrease in rating can mean a loss of funding. Facilities can be closed down in cases of severe offenses. Those are the consequences from oversight agencies.

Natural consequences may include a high rate of staff injuries due to working understaffed. A decline in the health of patients due to lack of attention, or medication mistakes is inevitable. An increase in patient falls, accidents, and injuries are also experienced. Liability risks skyrocket when shifts are not adequately staffed.

360 Healthcare Staffing


A leading specialized recruiting agency, 360 Healthcare Staffing, offers new approaches to staffing solutions. The biggest issue is filling positions while searching for a permanent replacement for vacancies. If the director of nursing retires, for example, and there is no one hired to fill that position, the facility is out of compliance. Interim Leadership Staffing is a means of filling that position with a qualified professional immediately.

The professional is capable of completing all the regular duties and responsibilities of that position. The facility remains in compliance, the quality of care is not compromised, and reports do not get neglected until a permanent professional is hired. It is a win-win situation. Administrator and registered nurse positions can also be filled in this manner. Go to the website to view 360 Healthcare Staffing for details on this unique solution.

Traveling Nurses

The use of traveling nurses can also fill in gaps. Placements are for thirteen week durations at a time. If all parties agree, the placement can be renewed. Call in staffing info regarding duties, pay, and shifts needed so a suitable candidate can be found.


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